Our Partners

The Kings Trust


THE KINGS TRUST is a community based charitable Trust. The objective of the Trust is to help impact previously disadvantaged areas with sustainable philanthropy, initiating local community upliftment projects, and incentivising individual or small business development.


The KINGS Trust aims to address social issues by providing support and services in the communities, such as professional legal services, counselling and skills training.


Maxim Boxing



Maxim Boxing Promotions promote all amateurs and professionals in Southern Africa and internationally, providing the opportunity to any person with a boxing talent to participate in boxing tournaments.


This includes boxer preparation, coaching & mentoring, sparring, event organisation, etc.


Maxim Kids


Maxim Kids is a registered non-profit that aims to provide under privileged kids across Southern Africa with a safe environment to participate in a sport and keep them occupied, off the streets and away from unhealthy habits and the negative influence of gangs. They provide a structured system through primarily boxing, but also incorporates other suitable spots, life skills, education and artisanship to keep the kids engaged and motivated.


It also provides education and training to upskill boxing coaches in the areas so that they can in turn establish boxing clubs for the kids and uplift the broader community. 


Revel Africa Events &

Web Design



Revel Africa aspires to focus on “Be First, Be Best”, procuring their position as trendsetters in the creative industry.


Their dynamic team of experts and enthusiasts with serious creative brain-power specialises in conceptualising boundless ideas in order to execute meticulous events & design .


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