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KINGS Boxing Gym is a fully equipped boxing gym offering adult membership with full use of the gym facilities Monday to Saturday, and group training session 2-3 times a day. Fees go towards the running of the KIDS PROGRAMME as well as other community projects managed by the KINGS TRUST, which includes skill training, professional legal services and community counselling for the previously disadvantaged.


KINGS Boxing Gym’s main focus is to provide free community boxing training for kids between the ages of 6 and 18. The emphasis is not on physical contact, but rather the many positive benefits of fitness, discipline and sense of achievement which builds confidence. This enables a healthy lifestyle which leads to healthy choices. 

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Boxing Gym Cape Town


Kings Trust


The gym was started by Louw Malherbe, who believes that the best way to reach the youth is to engage them in a sport such as boxing to teach discipline, build confidence, develop a sense of achievement and enforce strong values and healthy friendships.

Boxing Gym Cape Town


Kings Boxing


The sport of boxing has always been a central part of Allen’s life as he grew up in a family of
boxers. From the early age of 8 he devotedly shared his time between school and the boxing
gym, giving him exposure to the finest trainers in the art of boxing and establishing him as a
brilliant athlete.
Allen’s passion for boxing and his ethos of “giving back to the community” is an integral part
of his lifestyle and he surrounds himself with like-minded people. This is evident in his role at
KINGS and the Kids Academy, as well as Maxim Kids and Maxim Boxing Promotion.



City With Soul


Marika has a heart to see families and communities thrive in a world that is becoming
increasingly difficult to survive in. She believes that nothing should be thrown away and that
everyone and everything has the potential to make a transformative difference in the lives of others.

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Anna Mari

Kings Boxing Operations


Anna Mari always had a desire for community work and projects amongst women and
children. She believes that boxing is a great avenue to channel energy and establish self-
control, a healthy purpose and true identity that can be defended, without violence.
She believes that women have an immense capacity to care, to love, to lead and be the pillars
of strength in their homes and communities. But if that is threatened, we, as a community, a
culture and a country, loose that driving force. Women are, and have always been, the most
fundamental building blocks of our future. We want to raise the next generation, with and
within their community, to be healthy and make healthy life choices.



"Allen is an amazing coach and extremely goal orientated - for himself and each one of his clients and nothing is impossible to him. He has taken me from being a body builder a few years ago to now being a professional boxer and coach. Above all he sees the good in everyone gives opportunity to everyone who comes across his way."

 - Chris Musiyiwa, Pro Boxer

"I started boxing a few years ago and after a long search for a the right boxing coach I found Allen, who enabled me, as a woman, to take my training to another level. He coached, trained and mentored me and I've been in the ring 9 times. He gave me a name and a place in the boxing world and I became known as The Spanish Warrior."

 - Zara Diaz, Pro Boxer

"I will always remember the first time I walked into KINGS Boxing Gym. It's one of those memories that stay with you forever. Before our class, the whole KINGS team and boxers went outside to the streets of Woodstock, knocking on every door and offering free training for all the kids in the neighbourhood! I was so shocked and moved and immediately knew I wanted to be part of the organisation and belong to team. I could never imagine it possible, until I saw with my own eyes, the brilliant work Allen has been doing for so many years already. His dedication and selfless acts towards underprivileged kids are admirable!"

 - Kids Boxing Academy, Zara Diaz

"We hear tragic stories about horrific acts done to innocent people, especially women and the girl child.  Many of the girls didn't have a clue about how to effectively defend themselves but Allen and his staff are incredibly welcoming, patient and professional. They all have a knack for making what could be intimidating training a whole lot of fun! The techniques and mechanics are practical and applicable for all ages and all body types/sizes."

 - Malcom Gertse, Bridging Coordinator, The Justice Desk.

“I am proud of myself, I am confident, I am beautiful, I am strong. Be just the way you are. We are all unique.”

 - Aluta Ndamoyi

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