The Kings Trust

KINGS BOXING GYM is an initiative of THE KINGS TRUST.  


THE KINGS TRUST is a community based charitable Trust. The objective of the Trust is to help impact previously disadvantaged areas with sustainable philanthropy, initiating local community upliftment projects, and incentivising individual or small business development. As well as addressing social issues and providing support and services in the communities such as professional legal services, counselling, skills training, and more.


If you would like to help support THE KINGS TRUST please find details below.


Banking Details:

Bank: FNB Long Street

Branch: 201709

Acc Number: 62424833665

Ref: [Your name or Entity]


The Kings Trust Focus


  • Provide community development for poor and needy persons
  • Sustainable philanthropy in previously disadvantaged areas
  • Provision of legal services to the poor and needy, free of charge.
  • Recycling strategy to incentivise individual or small business development
  • Implement anti-poverty initiatives:
    • Empowering capacity building skills in the retail area specific to recycling and upcycling, and the sale thereof.
    • Provide Training, Support or Implementation of systems
    • Social upliftment for the local area
    • Providing poverty relief in the local area
  • Combating abuse
  • Combating substance dependence
  • Supporting local charities and causes
  • Dedicated to making a positive impact on quality of life and economic wellbeing of those in need.
  • Projects and support in the community will be ongoing / long term
  • Also addressing specific needs at specific times
  • We are currently focused on the Woodstock area and immediate surrounds, but our overall focus is previously disadvantaged persons in the Western Cape.
  • Beneficiaries are previously disadvantaged South African citizens by birth or gained citizenship prior to 1994.