Kids Programme

KINGS Boxing Gym’s main focus is to provide free community boxing training for kids from
disadvantaged areas, between the ages of 6 and 18.


The emphasis is not on physical contact, but rather the many positive benefits of fitness, discipline and sense of achievement which builds confidence. This enables a healthy lifestyle which leads to healthy choices – a compelling diversion from alcohol and drug abuse and a culture of gang and gender based violence.

We use our Adult Memberships to sponsor our Kids Boxing Programme and have partnered with Maxim Kids, Justice Desk and the Resilience Network Institute to establish a healthy kids-network, education & skills training programme:

Maxim Kids


Maxim Kids is a registered non-profit that aims to provide under privileged kids across
Southern Africa with a safe environment to participate in a sport and keep them occupied, off the streets and away from unhealthy habits and the negative influence of gangs.


They provide a structured system through primarily boxing, but also incorporates other suitable spots, life skills, education and artisanship to keep the kids engaged and motivated.


It also provides education and training to upskill boxing coaches in the areas so that they can in turn establish boxing clubs for the kids and uplift the broader community.


Justice Desk & Mbokodo Club



The Mbokodo Club (The Rock Club) project focuses on offering female empowerment and self-defense classes to girls in vulnerable communities. Self-defense and self-care are promoted, equipping young girls to be able to defend themselves as well as live empowered


The motto of this project is “wathint’abafazi wathint’imbokodo” which translates to “you strike a woman, you strike a rock”.

Resilience Network



Resilience Network is a non-profit organisation that creates opportunities and tools for youth to excel and realise their life goals.


It facilitates a network of like-minded individuals (mentors and mentees) to draw further inspiration and support, encouraging them to identify and understand their own resilience and the maintenance of supportive behaviour.


In so doing fostering hope and encouragement to develop their own vision for life and career

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