Community Counseling Centre

The Kings Trust Community Counselling Centre seeks to serve previously disadvantaged people in the Western Cape who ultimately cannot afford counselling.

The centre currently offers its services to women 18 years and older and the services will be rendered by Dorette Knoblauch, who is offering her counselling services at the centre and who is a registered Pastoral Counsellor who obtained her M.A. (Psych) from the University of Stellenbosch.

Dorette also runs her private practice under her personal name, Dorette Knoblauch, from the same premises. In order to keep her counselling services affordable to all, fees are determined along a sliding scale: those who cannot afford the full fee will be able to receive counselling at a negotiated rate which they regard as affordable to them, whilst the fees for those individuals with a medical fund can be claimed from their fund.


For more information visit or contact Dorette directly:  Cell 072 565 0708 Email